Welcome to Agile Management Consultants!

Whether you are just beginning to consider adopting Agile methods to manage your projects, or have actually taken the plunge, you would probably agree that the role of today’s Project Manager has become more challenging and complex. Customers expect quality deliverables on time, and on budget. Market forces and competitive pressures require flexibility before final deliverables can be released. All of this leads to the inevitable: The requirements need to be changed…. yet again!

If that sounds familiar, then moving to Agile may be just the thing makes your work a lot more manageable. Many of today’s best organizations have scrapped unforgiving waterfall project management methods for an Agile approach. Agile project management allows organizations to rapidly deploy product and provide executives with fast, accurate project status even when the deliverable is a moving target. By having greater visibility and continuous feedback, the Agile project team can react very quickly to changes and impediments in the development process, delivering better results, faster. Think you might want to try Agile? Are you currently using Agile and not getting the results that you should? We can help you in your journey to get the most out of Agile.


Our mission is to help organizations like yours become Agile ready and Agile proficient, so that Agile teams can execute their product development process ‘the right way’, achieve better results, and are aligned with leadership expectations. To accomplish our mission, we combine education, coaching, mentoring and consulting within a comprehensive transformation framework. We offer the following management consulting services to help your organization achieve faster results with better outcomes:

  • Agile Project Management
  • Agile Training Development
  • Agile Coaching & Consulting
  • Business Transformation Planning Using Agile
  • Agile Scrum for Software Development
  • Supply Chain Consulting
  • IT Strategy Consulting