louiskrass1croppedBio, Louis J. Krass

In helping IBM set up, establish, and institutionalize Agile methods and processes, Louis Krass gained an appreciation for learning what worked well and what didn’t, and for the things that didn’t work well, made sure that changes were implemented in order to improve the process. “It’s all about implementing Agile the right way by ensuring that all levels of management and the project delivery teams have the same level of understanding to know what Agile is and isn’t,” says Krass.  It starts with leadership’s understanding that Agile is about creating incremental value, empowering their teams, and benefiting from the tangible outcomes that are generated when teams implement functionality quicker. It’s not about focusing on metrics just for the sake of reporting metrics to executive management. Only through a disciplined top down approach can delivery teams successfully execute against a common framework, feel that they are empowered to make independent decisions through support of management, and maintain the flexibility to ‘inspect and adapt’ along the way. Transitioning from traditional ‘waterfall’ planning to Agile is easy, but hard. Louis gained his experience ‘hands on’ by working closely with teams to achieve excellence and accomplish real tangible results using Agile methods and tools. His goal is to help companies become Agile.

Here are some other things about Louis Krass:

  • 25+ years experience consulting to fortune 500 companies
  • Implemented large complex transformational initiatives that produced tangible savings in the client’s supply chain
  • Managed IT Strategy programs having globally dispersed, multi-cultural teams with diverse skills and backgrounds
  • Developed the Supplier Relationship Management program for the U.S. Air Force as a way for them to collaborate with their largest and most strategic suppliers
  • Orchestrated organizational transitions to Agile & Lean and built trust with the business
  • Advised on dependency management techniques between Agile teams
  • Supported Agile teams in their development, playbook creation, and in establishing consistent best practices
  • Actively built and contributed to an organization’s Agile and Lean Community, develop Communities of Practice, mentored Agile practitioners, created training materials and provided training and coaching throughout the organization
  • Recipient of Delivery Excellence awards for Program Management
  • Recipient of client awards for implementing programs that exceeded expectations